Let’s talk inspo boards…it’s a question that I receive a lot through my Instagram and it’s something that I am super passionate about.

Since I have officially moved back home from my college apartment, I have had a little extra time (a lot, actually) to organize my room, do some needed cleaning, and most importantly, revamp my inspo board.

First, let’s start with what exactly an inspo board is. To me, my inspo board is a collection of photos, prints, magazine clippings, and anything else I love. I think of it as creating my own enlarged mood board (IRL) — shoutout to all of the moody pins and images you may have been saving on Pinterest. Those would make the perfect mood boards! If you’re in need of some Pinterest inspo, check out my Pinterest. Many of your favorite brands, stores and labels also most likely have a Pinterest too – so if you like their vibe, you would probably love their Pins as well.

The board I have always used for my inspo board is actually a homasote board — see the link for an example of what this looks like. My dad has always bought mine from Home Depot, but any home improvement store near you should have similar options! I like to think of it as a higher end bulletin board that is super sturdy and high quality. I have had the one in my room since high school (maybe longer) and the only thing we have done to it is given it a fresh coat of white paint every couple of years. You could make your inspo board any color you like!

Once you have your base (you could also use a bulletin board if you like,) you can start building your inspo board. I also love to hang my favorite necklaces, hats, and fabric scraps on my board — partly because it acts as a space saver. I decided to film a little IGTV with you guys to give you a look into what this creative process looks like for me.

If you’re looking for some high quality prints to order, check out Artifact Uprising’s Square Print Set. They have been my ultimate go-to for my inspo boards for years. I have also used Shutterfly’s Mobile Free Prints for my quote cards — aka to print all of my favorite Morgan Harper Nichols / Pinterest quotes that I save on the daily.

If there is anything you take away from this post, I hope you are feeling inspired to create or redecorate your space in some way, even if that means creating a little photo wall in your room. I would love to see whatever you create – please tag me over on Instagram (@madauer).

Keep creating!

2 thoughts on “HOW TO: INSPO BOARDS”

  • xoxo love this – its always fun to see your inspiration and creativity – esp in our quarantine times. keep being you…. xoxo
    ps. i spi some of my fav cards from E. Frances Paper love this vid drop!!!

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