thrifting tips & how to manifest finds

Part of the fun of thrifting is finding those unexpected, hidden gems. But, I think that there are definitely some tips to keep in mind while you’re searching…

Keep a List of Your ISO (In Search Of) & Inspo

Whenever I thrift, I always keep a mental note of what I’m looking for. I usually have outfit inspo in mind, usually from my Pinterest, or saved posts on Instagram. This helps me to spot an item, visualize how I would style (or sell it,) and so on. This also helps me prioritize what section(s) I want to spend the most time in when I get to the thrift store.

Bring a Measuring Tape

It might not seem that important, but it is such a life-saver, especially with many stores not allowing try-ons with Covid precautions. Along with this tip — have a general estimate / knowledge of your measurements (waist, hips, inseam, etc.) It makes it so much easier to find that perfect pair of vintage pants.

Invest in Jean Button Pins – & Don’t Be Afraid of Sizing Up

Going off of the above tip of knowing your general estimate, my #1 tip for people looking for cool pants – don’t be afraid to size up! I personally prefer roomier “baggy” pants versus form-fitting ones. On top of that, Amazon has these awesome jean button pins that make it super simple to take pants in around your waist. After seeing videos about them all over my TikTok, I decided to order, anddddd I love them. They are absolutely perfect for a couple of my vintage pants that I wanted to hit a bit higher on my waist.

Take Note of Materials

Something I have became more aware of is what a piece of clothing is made of. If it’s made out of rayon or polyester, it may be more likely to be static-y, especially in the winter months. 100% cotton = cozy, as does silk, wool, and so on.

The Power of Yelp / Google Reviews

Where I live, I always thought there wasn’t a ton of thrift stores (I was wrong.) Once I started using Yelp and Google Reviews, I found way more than I expected. I prefer Yelp because I feel the reviews are more honest, and many people usually include photos which is super helpful to decipher a store with clothing versus one with furniture and decor, etc.

Join the Rewards Programs (or Mailing List)

Many thrift stores now have Rewards / Insider Programs, along with mailing lists. Usually all they need is your phone number or email for your account and this basically allows you to rack up points (which then accumulates into coupon vouchers or $$$ off your next purchase.) Additionally, many thrift stores are now moving away from huge holiday sales (minus 2nd Avenue) and have select discount days with exclusive coupons for rewards / insiders. I just love to save a little extra, even if its 25% off, it definitely makes a difference!

Bring a Reusable Bag

Bringing a cloth reusable bag makes your life (and the cashier’s job) way easier. Not to mention, many states are now issuing bag fees for plastic. Saving the environment and walking out fashionable (eco-chic mwah.) I use this one from Erin Made and it’s my favorite ever – so cute and it holds so much.


So, I have started to get more into manifesting and I legitimately believe I have manifested a couple of my most recent favorite finds. Like, I was shocked when I found them. Take it as you will, but if you’re into manifesting, then manifest those finds! Visualize what you want and That’s all.

I hope that you are able to take something from this post. And, I would LOVE to see your favorite thrift finds. Feel free to share it on insta and tag me (@madauer,) drop me a message or leave a comment below. Love you all! xx.

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