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drift hangings

My drift hangings initially originated this past summer. I was looking for a way to incorporate my more unique + one of a kind beads into my designs…so drift was born! I originally envisioned these hangings as keychains, window hangings, and car mirror hangings.

More recently, my mom had the idea to attach these hangings onto small driftwood pieces, using yarn threads to create a hanging. I absolutely love the look of them. To me, drift combines elements of simplicity, boho vibes, and a “beachy” feel with the driftwood.

Drift allows me the creative freedom to not be contained to one set design. These hangings are all unique from one another, as I am using one of a kind beads that I have collected over the years. Each is so special and made with love!

I will be selling these drift hangings for the first time this Thursday (12/5/19) at the Conscious Consumer Holiday Market on campus. I am so very excited to share them with everyone. If you want to see more of these hangings, head over to my Instagram or shoot me a message to discuss pricing, details, + more!

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