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I could hardly contain my excitement with the release of my latest drift collection SO I decided what better way to celebrate its release than with a blog post. Keep reading to find out the inspo + meaning behind the drift collection.

If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, that is where I release all of my bead collection drops. For this latest release, I was excited to see how people reacted because it is the first time that I am introducing something other than jewelry into my line.

I have been brainstorming different ideas and experimenting with other elements into my bracelets for awhile. One day, as I was driving my car (her name is actually Drifter!!) my eye caught my rearview mirror and I realized I didn’t have anything hanging from it. I started to think about what I could hang from it…an air freshener maybe? (immediately eliminated this option because I hate strong scents) or a cute hanging. The drift collection was then born!

I started experimenting with thicker thread which brought me back to my childhood days when I made hemp friendship bracelets. I have definitely branched out in terms of my style and am going into a bohemian vibe (both in my daily fashion + through these beads). The best part about the drift collection is that each hanging I have made thus far is one of a kind. Many of the beads that I am incorporating into these hangings are ones I have collected over the years. I love experimenting with the different patterns of these hangings to create something unusual, bohemian, yet beach-y and simple for your space.

I can’t wait to see how they are used by their new owners. Some of my ideas are to hang them from your car mirror, your keychain / backpack, or even in your room by a window. For me, drift means, “to be with you wherever you may go” in all of your life adventures.

up close + detailed

As I continue to experiment with the different designs, I also plan on implementing in driftwood, shells, and sea glass. I can’t wait to see the endless creative roads that the drift collection leads me down.

To purchase your own hanging from the drift collection, send me a message via my Instagram – I would love to see the ways that they are used, so be sure to tag me with any photos that you post.

xx. – madauer

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