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Hello from four floors up & HAPPY FRIDAY!


In spirit of yesterday’s snow day, I am dedicating this post to how I spent my first snow day in college. Since it’s winter and we will (hopefully) be receiving more snow days in the future, I am here to inspire you with some ways that you can spend your day while snowed in.


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Movie Marathon

For all of my movie lovers, a snow day is the perfect time to watch all of your old time favs, or binge watch your favorite Netflix series. Get the popcorn and hot chocolate, and make the snow day your personal lazy day to relax.


Spa Day

Along with the movie marathon, creating a personal spa day for yourself is always a great option. If I were to create my own spa day in my dorm, I would be sure to use my Yes to Cucumbers Paper Mask and listen to some soft relaxing music. For some great spa tunes, check out my feel good playlist on Spotify.


Photo Shoot

This next one is what I spent my snow day doing – taking photos! My first snow day at college was one of the best I have ever had, mainly because I didn’t spend it inside doing homework, but rather spent it outside adventuring with friends.


Early in the morning I headed outside with my friends to take some photos around campus. Maggie, Kristen, and I adventured around the school and discovered some awesome spots on campus to shoot.  For some amazing photography, check out Kristen’s photography account on Instagram!


profile of madison


Later in the afternoon, I had the opportunity to shoot with a group of girls on campus to capture some shots of Greta’s handmade knit beanies! Greta is beyond talented and created all of the beanies featured in the photos. She recently started selling her hand-knit beanies as part of her fundraising for her Collegiate Challenge trip this summer. I love sporting my “Mad Grey” beanie around campus and I always receive compliments on it! Greta has an amazing vision and I cannot wait to see where life takes her in the future.


three beanies


beanie collage


Claudia wearing a beanie


My second photo shoot for the day featured my friend, Bailey. We headed outside to take some photos for Love Your Melon, with the main emphasis of the photos focused on the LYM cap. If you have not heard of Love Your Melon, head over to their site and check out their inspiring mission and story. Not to mention they have awesome beanies, caps, and apparel.


Love Your Melon cap



Personally, I love taking advantage of a day off from school and organizing my life. It is so easy for your dorm room to get a little messy, so spending a portion of the day cleaning and organizing your room is a great way to get your life back in order.



Snow days are the perfect time to get your creative vibes flowing and get inspired! From knitting to making bracelets, there are endless ways to get crafty.


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have recently gotten back into creating my beaded bracelets. If you saw my latest post, you also know that I am interested in selling them! I am in the process of getting more beads and supplies very soon, so stay connected to my social media accounts for updates.




I hope you enjoyed this week’s post! As always, stay connected through my social media accounts featured in the side bar. I am so sorry for the delay in posting – I am in the process of creating a more concrete post schedule to stay on top of blogging.


I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Always remember to spread continuous positive + good vibes




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