small business saturday

I may be biased, but I have always been a lover of small business saturday. Ever since I was little, I remember skipping the hype of Black Friday and instead, opting for the smaller sales of small business saturday. Now, with my own small business, I appreciate these personal connections and sales I make during the holiday season. I think that, more and more, people are beginning to realize the deeper value and unmatched meaning that handmade or locally sourced gifts can have.

Wondering where to even start on small business saturday? Check out some of my favorites below, including people I know personally as well as people I follow and love!

Retail / Clothing

Indigo Octopus

How could I not talk about my favorite store. The one and only Indigo Octopus is popping up in DC this holiday season. I haven’t had the chance to go yet, but I am DYING to see their new beautiful space. Hurry! They will only be there for the holiday season before returning to their DE space for the summer.


Mate is all about dressing clean. This focus on sustainability, simplicity, and minimalism is especially apparent through their website. While their higher end prices reflect this focus on quality, you can splurge this saturday with their biggest sale of the season — all for small business saturday!

Philadelphia Shops

I am categorizing these together since I recently talked about them in my thrifting post, but if you are local to Philly check out Raxx Vintage, Retrospect (also have an online store), Vagabond, Moon + Arrow, Cactus Collective, and Lost + Found.

Maryland Shops

Another set of shops to check out if you are local to Maryland: Pat’s Porch, Catonsville Mercantile, Poppy & Stella, Sweet Elizabeth Jane, Trohv, Hunting Ground, and Mint & Major. Each of these shops has a different vibe, so check out their website / instagram before heading out to purchase all your christmas gifts.

Pottery / Jewelry

Yummy & Company

Local to Baltimore, Yummy and Company is one of my favorite creatives. My mom and I first found some of her pieces when we visited a local art market in Hamden, Baltimore during the holiday season. Her work is so incredibly unique, dainty, and beautiful. You can check out her online Etsy shop to purchase her work.

Krystal Osman Design

Another Baltimore creative, Krystal Osman creates beautiful pottery pieces. I purchased one of her mugs when I recently visited the Potters Guild of Baltimore. Her work is decorated with dainty brushstrokes and delicate detailing of flowers and plants — simple + beautiful!

Small Business Girl Bosses (aka People I know and LOVE)

GG Knits

Greta and I have always shared a love for creating. She knits her one of a kind hats – GG Knits. Check out her instagram to see what she has created and shoot her a message if you are interested in ordering!

Felix Culpa

A new and dear friend who creates her own t shirts and beautiful pottery pieces as well. I recently purchased her ‘saved by grace’ tee – its message and design are simply beautiful. Check out her instagram to see her work (website is coming soon!)

All You Needle is Love

The CUTEST embroidery work (and the cutest name in the game) — my girl Amanda is always killing it with her embroidery skills. And did I mention she takes custom orders? What a better gift than a hand stitched embroidery piece. Check out her instagram to see her work.

Simply Ties

My mama, aka Robin Auer, is now making crocheted hair ties. Her threads are what make these ties so unique – she sources a majority of them from a local Baltimore shop – BSCRAP. I actually could look through these yarns and scraps with her for hours. Their hues are so beautiful and unique. My mom has the eye for picking out earthy and natural hues, as well as neutrals and autumn colors. She is in the process of creating a site / instagram for them, so stay tuned for more.

What small businesses are you most excited to support this holiday season? I would love to hear!!

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