philly thrifting: my fav thrifting spots in the city

After going to a handful of different thrift spots in the city, I feel like I finally have a solid list of some of my favorites. They all vary and specialize in different items, so leave it to me to break down all the details that you need to know before your next thrifting exploration!  

South Street

Raxx Vintage

First, we hit up Raxx Vintage. If you are looking for jean jackets, old tees (band tees / college themed / just cool graphics), army jackets, sweatshirts, any vintage 90s clothing — this is YOUR place. I can always count on Raxx to find a cool graphic tee, vintage looking sweatshirt, or an awesome jacket. They also have tons of denim, dresses, and accessories. Check out their insta to get a closer look at their vibe. 

Retrospect Vintage

We then went to Retrospect Vintage. Unlike Raxx, Retrospect also has some furniture items. Their clothing prices are generally much lower than Raxx (in my experience). I usually find really cool sweaters, pants, and denim here! I also love their selection of accessories and records in the back of the store. My most recent find here was an awesome pair of green cargo pants that totally look like Free People quality – and I only paid $14 for them!

Moon + Arrow

Moon + Arrow was our third stop of the day. Unlike Raxx & Retrospect, Moon + Arrow is much more simple, bohemian, and minimal. Their selection includes all natural self care items, home goods, artisan jewelry, and vintage clothing pieces. Their space is quite simply beautiful and worth a visit! They also have the cutest selection of baby clothes and toys. 

Cactus Collective

We then went across the street to Cactus Collective — a much different vibe from Moon + Arrow. This store has so much character and SO much to look at in its intimate space. They have really cool and one of a kind items — jackets, tees, etc. I love their collection of jewelry, accessories and clothing! 

Old City


This spot is not around South Street but in nearby Old City — Vagabond is also an amazing spot to check out. If you follow Yoli + Otis on instagram, it is very much a similar aesthetic. Minimal, simple, and carefree / effortless. I would characterize their space as being similar to Moon + Arrow. I love that they also tend to have vintage pieces in their back room. I have found some of my favorite big chunky vintage sweaters from Vagabond! 

Lost & Found

Another hidden gem with a really cool selection of clothing + vintage — Lost & Found is also located in Old City and has some really cool accessories. I have found awesome knit hats here, as well as really awesome jewelry pieces. They offer a mix of both contemporary brands and vintage, so it is a fun place to look around! 

For the Birds Co. Inspired Outfit for Thrifting

My thrifting look was inspired by the one of a kind For The Birds Co. — I styled my ‘Choose Joy’ tee with my Levi’s, Brixton hat, and docs.

If you decide to check out any of these spots or have your own thrifting favs, let me know!

xoxo – madauer

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