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It’s a new year and with that comes the desire to refresh certain (or all!) aspects of your life. I have discovered that “clearing out” or “refreshing and renewing” your Instagram feed can be a very satisfying refresh. Basically, this entails going through the accounts you follow and either muting or unfollowing them altogether. 

A couple of years back, I decided to refresh my Instagram when I realized a majority of the accounts that I was following did not bring me happiness. Instead of building me up, they either left me feeling less than myself, self conscious or left out entirely. Of course this was before Instagram’s new algorithm (now Instagram supposedly shows you accounts you interact with most – aka what THEY think you want to see…) but I still think this refresh has amazing benefits.

Now, my feed is filled with 90% inspiration accounts, whether that be fashion, art, inspirational quotes, travel, etc… the list goes on. These posts fill my feed with a digital mood board, and I find myself bookmarking many of the posts to later go back to and reflect on further. 

I know what you’re thinking – why and how am I going to go through the hundreds or even thousands of accounts I follow? I suggest starting by just scrolling through your feed and becoming more conscious of how each post makes you feel. Does seeing something make you feel left out, less than your true worth, or a bit self conscious or jealous? Mute or unfollow them – Instagram now allows you the ability to mute someone’s stories and / or feed posts. 

If you are looking for some new accounts to follow, I broke down some of my favorites into 5 categories: fashion, travel, food, art, and inspiration (words / quotes). 


FASHION | @stephlameng @taylornicolehayden @_chloechloee @candicemtay @carlaferrer1 @thesaltyblonde @vivianeaudi @clara8f @marvaldel 


TRAVEL | @samanthapleeeease  @alexrenee @louisemaurisset  @aceatthebeach @gabriellenelson_  @kaitvanhoff 


FOOD@upbeetandkaleingit @leahsplate @unsweetened.caroline


ART | @ivey_redding  @badwaycreative @claudiaparrast  @oliviaherrickdesign @jenessawait  @whitespacemag


INSPIRATION | @morganharpernichols @spiritdaughter @minna_so @maddiliese 

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you follow any accounts you think I should check out, please send them my way. I am always looking for new ones to add to my digital mood board. Happy new year!

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