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This week I will be focusing on how to find some new study spaces on campus. Whether you are in search of alone time or a quiet space to study, I will be sharing some of my fav places to go on campus when I am looking for alone time…


finding new study spaces with library backdrop



Conveniently located across campus, Starbucks is one of my favorite places to go. Whether I am in need of some alone time to simply hangout or study, Starbucks has the perfect aesthetics for a relaxing space. With my Strawberry Acai Refresher in hand, I am able to accomplish anything.

starbucks acai refresher and backpack


The library – Find your niche!

I know what you’re thinking, “who wants to go to the library? how boring…” BUT I am here to prove you wrong.

Before coming to Saint Joe’s I never went to the local community library near my house or even the library in my school. However, with late night study sessions and research papers, the library is one of my favorite go-to study spaces.

My advice – get familiar with your library. Go and explore all the various rooms and niches your library has to offer. I bet you will find your favorite space or corner where you get “in the zone” and accomplish anything and everything you set your mind to. For me, I love sitting in a particular area of the library with floor to ceiling windows that overlook Barbelin, one of the prettiest buildings on campus. When I am here, I feel most at home and focused.

view from library overlooking Barbelin

library view of Barbelin


Go Outdoors

This next one will also require a bit of exploration. Some people work best outdoors when they are in touch with nature. If you are one of these people, I suggest exploring the various areas of your school’s campus. Ask yourself, “where do I feel most relaxed & in tune with nature?”

outdoors landscape with bench and trees

Barbelin courtyard

Since it is cooler here in Philly now, I don’t think I will be working outside anytime soon, but once it gets warmer again, there are several places on campus that I am looking forward to spending time at, such as the quaint Villiger garden or the steps outside the library.

bench in villiger garden

steps outside Barbelin


Academic Building Café Spaces

This next space might depend on your school. Here at SJU, we have a small café space in one of our academic buildings with an Einstein Bagels attached. I love working here after my 9:05 morning class with a smoothie and bagel. Try exploring some of your academic buildings to see what small spaces are available for studying.



If your residence hall has quiet study lounges, take advantage of them! I love working in our end-lounge during the day. With huge windows overlooking campus, the bright and inviting lighting of the end-lounge keeps me awake and focused during my most tedious work.

end lounge in Villiger


That’s it for now on study spaces. If you find that you need music while you work, check out my Spotify playlists for some quiet and relaxing background music for studying. Some of my favorite playlists are “feel good” and “bedtime,” featuring amazing artists like Jack Johnson and Colbie Caillat. I promise that “bedtime” will not make you fall asleep while studying!


For more study tips and lifestyle college advice, check out some of my fav newly discovered bloggers – livingnsunshine & the classic brunette.




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