DIY beaded bracelets

Feeling crafty? This post will share some of my favorite ways to get crafty at college. Keep reading to learn more about DIY beaded bracelets…




To read about INSPO cards, one of my favorite DIY projects, check out my last post – how to create your own inspiration board. For now, I will be focusing on how to create beautiful beaded bracelets in some simple & easy steps!


First, head over to your local craft store. I usually go to Michael’s craft store, as they always have awesome sales and coupons available to use in-store. Once there, head over to the bracelet making and bead aisles. At Michael’s, there is one aisle solely dedicated to their various beads, which are organized by color. I usually choose some simple dark blue, black, or white beads along with tiny elephants to create my bracelets.


Then, pick out the bracelet string. I always choose the Stretch Magic Bead & Jewelry Cord 0.7mm, as there is no clasp needed to make your bracelet! Simply follow the instructions on the back of the package, which require you to stretch out your string before tying the knot to allow it to work its magic!


Now, it’s time to create your bracelet! Using the beads you purchased and the stretchy cord, design your bracelet. First, cut your desired amount of string for your bracelet. Then, I suggest placing a small clothespin at the end of your cord to prevent the beads from falling off while you create your bracelet.




Generally, I use 24 beads per bracelet, as I find that it is the perfect size for my wrist – not too big but not too tight. I suggest experimenting with different bead amounts until you find one you like, but start off with around 24 beads and work from there. Of course, it also depends on the size of the individual bead, so you will need to take that into account when deciding how many beads to add.


Once you have added your beads and are ready to tie the knot, be sure to stretch your string, as this allows the cord to “work its magic,” and remain strong throughout its wear. Without the stretch, the cord is more likely to come undone while you are wearing it. Who wants their bracelet to unravel and beads to fly everywhere? Not me, that’s for sure.


With your newly designed one-of-a-kind DIY bracelet, be sure to snap a pic and share it with your friends and family! These bracelets make thoughtful and unique gifts for friends, whatever the occasion may be!


cover-bracelets               bracelets


If you decide to continue creating bracelets and want to pursue it as a hobby, consider purchasing a bead organizer. This bead organizer from Michael’s craft store allows me to sort my beads into small compartments for easy storage. It is also a huge timesaver and helps me to easily find beads when I am in a time-crunch to create a bracelet. Overall, it is a great buy and a must-have for bracelet-making enthusiasts, like me!




I hope you enjoyed this post about simple DIY bracelet making. Let me know how you get crafty in college in the comments down below.

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