my resume reflections

writing in terms of coding...

Writing in terms of coding has been very different for me. Since I have been accustomed to blogging through WordPress and writing strictly for the web in this way, thinking about writing in terms of coding was a bit of a struggle for me. In the past, I have had the easy life of relying on plug ins through WordPress to do the hard work for me. Want a side panel to float? Download the extra plug in and it will simply appear on your blog! With web design, previously simple tasks, such as these, became cases of diligence and hard work, not to mention trial and error.

Further, I also had to now consider small details, such as spacing, fonts, and color. Whereas WordPress supplies me with a built in pre-designed theme of fonts and colors that look aesthetically pleasing together, I was tasked with finding fonts and colors for my site. I decided to go with Quicksand and Avenir, two fonts that I have loved. I also chose them for their simplicity and readability. Readability proved to be a huge aspect of writing for the web, as I now had to consider the various different screen sizes and code my font sizes with this in mind. Writing for the web, especially through coding, requires much more thought and attention to detail than I had previously imagined.

Lastly, the process of trial and error via coding was something I had never previously experienced. In my past experience with writing for print and the web via WordPress, I would spend about a day or two actually writing my blog post, and then even less time than that actually posting and compiling photos for my post. With web design, I cannot even fully remember the exact date that we began working on our resume; however, what I can say is that I cannot imagine my resume developing from where it was to where it is now in two days or less. Coding requires patience, and most of all, the openness to revisit something if it does not turn out as expected. Altogether, coding for the web has been a huge learning experience, but I am very proud of my progress and how far I have come!

my progress thus far...

So far, I am feeling pretty good about my comfort level with coding! Compared to where I was in the beginning of the semester, I am extremely happy with my progress. Looking back, I definitely think that staying on top of the readings and taking notes was a huge component to my success thus far. In order to continue this, I plan on completing the readings and taking notes in the future as well. Further, since I am usually overly organized (and a tad OCD), I tried to keep my code as clean and organized as possible. Even in the midst of rearranging my code, I was always making sure that each line was consistently spaced to match the flow of the document.

However, a struggle I experienced with my organization involved editing down my code and making it more concise for my final resume submission. Since I was thinking in terms of specific screen sizes, I hadn't realized that a bulk of my code was consistent across the screen sizes and did not need to be coded three different times. I tried my best to go back and remove these repetitive lines of code, but I have a (very) strong feeling that I may have missed some! If I could go back in time, I would try to think in terms of this final product and ask myself "what is consistent across screens" as I was coding.

In terms of my overall resume page, I am extremely happy with how it looks! I think that it is readable across screens and very consistent with who I am. I feel as though it strongly aligns with my aesthetic and persona, which is something that I think happened organically as a result of who I am and what I am drawn towards. For example, I am naturally drawn towards a softer palette of white, greys, blues, etc. I was also really happy when I realized that the font of my header - "Quicksand" - matches the font of my name on my personal blog in my header. To me, consistency is key!

I am excited for the future of coding and I am looking forward to what we will be learning. I feel pretty comfortable with my coding and confident to continue this journey. If I was nervous about one thing, I think that it would be becoming overwhelmed with everything we know how to do. Sometimes, I feel like I enter "information overload" because we know so much about coding now! However, I am happy that I have my notes to look back on and friends to ask in case of any difficulties I encounter (and you of course!) Looking forward to the rest of the semester.