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"what is done in love is done well" - vincent van gogh

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Mood board overview from left to right: The first photo in the upper left corner is a flatlay of blue jeans with white sneakers sitting on a white backdrop. Next to this, the second photo is another flatlay with a box of miniature donuts on a white tabletop. The third photo is another pair of blue jeans with black Converse sneakers. The jeans and sneakers are placed on a white backdrop. The jeans are folded with the shoes placed slightly on them. The fourth photo is taken of the back of a girl with dark brown hair. She is placed off frame and fills the left half of the photo. She is wearing a mauve turtleneck sweater and is stretching out with her right arm. The next photo is the last on the upper row. It is a simple small green potted cactus, sitting in a grey concrete pot. This cactus is placed against a white backdrop. Dropping down to the row beneath these photos is the bottom left photo. This bottom left corner photo is the sleeves of three sweaters. Each sweater gradually becomes lighter, starting with a dark charcoal grey color on the far left. The second sweater sleeve is slightly lighter, and the third is a light cloud grey color. The sweater sleeves are sitting on a white backdrop. The next photo to the right is a portrait of a young girl in her 20s with blonde hair and circle sunglasses. She is looking at the camera and smiling. She wears a black high neck longsleeve shirt with light wash jeans. The photo spans vertically from above her head to just below her waist. Directly below her is another photo of two coffee mugs. These coffee mugs are from the birds' eye perspective, so the viewer looks down at these two mugs. They are filled with a creamy light brown coffee. These coffee mugs are sitting on a white tabletop. The next photo to the right is a photo of a bed space. The bed has white covers and is lined with two decorative black and white pillows. On the wall behind the bed is a hanging light brown tapestry. It is lined with simple lines and arrows. Sitting toward the viewer on the end of the bed is a light straw hat. Next to the bed is a small nightstand with a wooden top and iron black legs. The next photo to the right is a flatlay of blue jeans and a white tee shirt. The jeans are folded with the shirt overtop of them to their right. To the right of the shirt and slightly off-frame is a pair of black Vans sneakers. The three clothing items are sitting on a white backdrop. Next to this photo is two photos, one over the other. The first photo is a thin simple text script that says 'happiness'. The photo below this is a picture of the top half of dark green leaves.

mood board created in the fall of 2017 for my personal branding and identity project | created with Adobe Illustrator

This photo is a flatlay overview of six beaded bracelets. The bracelets are organized into two rows, with three in each row. The first bracelet in the upper left is named 'sand drift'. It is a white beaded bracelet with a wooden brown disc in its center. The next bracelet to its right is called 'ocean drift'. This bracelet is dark blue navy beads with the same wooden disc in its center. The last bracelet in this row is called 'dunes'. It is white beads with a stack of three brown lava beads in its center. The second row below this features the remaining three bracelets. The first bracelet in the lower left is named 'waves'. It is a white beaded bracelet with a stack of six dark blue navy beads in its center. Next to this bracelet is a bracelet called 'coast'. Coast is a white beaded bracelet with a black lava bead in its center. Next to this bracelet and the final one in this row is 'driftwood'. Driftwood is a beaded bracelet made of dark black and grey beads with a wooden disc in its center. This is the sixth and final bracelet in this row.

flatlay overview of madauer beads, a beaded bracelet brand that I have created and maintained since the summer of 2016 | text edit created with Adobe Photoshop

Mood board overview from top to bottom: The mood board spans down vertically with a height of about 500 pixels. At its top right corner is a black and white photo of a young girl skateboarding. She is skating along a ramp in a skate park. To the right of this photo is two overlapping images. The first image is a photo of three white knit sweaters. The image is very bright with no color. The image behind this one is a cut off photo of a grey linen fabric. Below these images and directly below the black and white photo of the young girl is thin black scripted text that reads, 'love love love'. Below this scripted text is a photo of a beach shack on stilts. This wooden shack is the only building in frame and sits in front of the ocean on a desolate beach. Next to this photo is a photograph of the ocean. It is taken with the line of the horizon a little less than halfway from the bottom of the photo. The ocean is peaceful with two waves rolling in towards the shore. In the light blue sky of this photo is another set of scripted text. It reads, 'sea salt sand' and is in the upper right. In the bottom row of this mood board is three more photos. The bottom left photo is the behind view of a young girl walking on the beach. She wears a navy blue and white dotted swimsuit. Her blonde wavy hair covers most of her back and she wears a straw hat. She is walking on the beach along a wooden ramp. The photo spans from a little below her waist to the top of her hat. Behind the girl, the viewer is able to see the ocean and surrounding dunes. Next to this girl is a photograph of the 
        shadow of a palm leaf. This shadow is on a white fence. The shadow spans from the top right of the photograph to the middle left. This photo is placed directly under and to the left of the final image. The last image is in the bottom right of the mood board. This image shows the arms of someone holding up a straw hat. They are holding it with only their hands and a bit of their arms in view. The straw hat is a simple yellow / light brown hat. Their hands and the hat are in the bottom right of the photo. To the the left and in the upper corner of the photo are two green palm leaves. The leaves border the upper edges of the photo and are slightly out of frame.

beach inspired mood board created for Indigo Octopus as social media promo | created with Adobe Illustrator

Email invitation that features colored background blocks, as well as photographs. In the upper right of this design is a photograph of the ocean. It is taken with the line of the horizon a little less than halfway from the bottom of the photo. The ocean is peaceful with two waves rolling in towards the shore. Next to this photo is a simple sans-serif text that reads, 'august 3, 5-8pm'. 
            This text is the time and date of the event that took place during the summer of 2018. Below the photo of the ocean is a white scripted text that reads, 'the best'. Directly below this in a white sans-serif text it says 'giveaways'. Next to the 'giveaways' text is a photo of a young girl in light blue washed denim shorts and a white blouse. She is looking downward with her light brown hair in the top portion of the photo. The photo frames her from mid-thigh to about halfway through her stomach. The girls' hands are also in view. In her right hand she holds her sunglasses. Her left hand rests a bit below her waistline. In the bottom left of the design is more text that reads '& one coastal food n drink'. The '& one coastal' is a light and simple black sans-serif text. The 'food n drink' is a black simple scripted text. Below the ocean photograph and date / time text is a light blue background. In the upper right hand corner is a light grey background that sits behind this blue background. This design was created for Indigo Octopus, a beach boutique. Their event was called 'Indigo Days' and this design provides the details for their event.

social media graphic created for indigo days, a special summer event hosted by Indigo Octopus | created with Adobe Illustrator

A simple black and white digital  invitation created with Adobe Illustrator. This invitation has a white background. The top banner is black and features white sans-serif text that reads, 'save the date' in lowercase text. Directly below this is a black italicized sans-serif text that reads, 'join us for our anniversary party!'. Directly below this and centered in the middle of the invitation is a thin black box. Within the box is the date of the party. Vertically aligned, the date reads, '07 13 18'. Along the right bottom edge of the box is a script black thin text that says, '5-8pm'. This text is along the right side of the box and runs vertically along its edge. This is the time of the party. At the bottom edge of the invitation is the script black text that reads, 'at'. Directly next to this is the logo for Indigo Octopus. The logo is a black sans-serif text, all lowercase. In between 'indigo' and 'octopus' within the logo is a small black octopus, the logo for the store. Altogether, this bottom text reads, 'at Indigo Octopus,' the location for the party.

save the date invitation created for Indigo Octopus for their anniversary party | created with Adobe Illustrator

Logo of a dark navy blue cursive 'm' in the center of a light grey circle

personal logo design created through branding project, along with resume, cover letter, business card and brand sheet designs | created with Adobe Illustrator