how to be more positive

Happy Friday from four floors up!


how to be more positive


After reflecting on my life and the past three months (thanks Chinese takeout fortune cookie), I have decided to switch it up and offer some advice on how to incorporate positivity into your life.


If you are curious about my fortune cookie and what it said to cause me to reflect on my life (who knew fortune cookies could be so inspiring?) – it said this, “Remember three months from this date. Good things are in store for you.”


Instead of throwing away my fortune cookie like I usually do, I decided to pin it to my bulletin board with the special date written on the back – February 21, 2017.


Since I received this fortune cookie three months ago, numerous blessings and amazing opportunities have entered my life. I think it is so important to always remember to reflect on our lives. It is so easy to get caught up in our routines and, as a result, we forget to stop to be thankful for all of the blessings we have received in our lives.


I have noticed that I have become more positive since my awareness of the blessings and opportunities that I have encountered in my life. One bad day of negativity and disappointment does not compare to the amazing opportunities we have. All that it takes is an open heart and positive vibes.


In light of this new found positivity and openness, here are some things that I am especially thankful for and happy about…


Beautiful Weather

Recently, it has become increasingly warmer in Philly. This past weekend, with temps in the 70’s, students headed outside to hang on the quad and spend time in the sunshine. Just being outside in the beautiful weather seemed to lift my spirits. I am looking forward to the arrival of spring and warmer weather.



Three months ago, I never thought that photography would become such a constant part of my life. I have loved having the opportunity to shoot at the SJU basketball games, as well as have photoshoots with my friends. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for my photography.



This semester, I have loved getting to know and bond with my fourth floor girls! From Wednesday work out sessions to movie nights and face masks, I know that we will always have a good time when we are together.

With new classes and being involved in different activities, I have also loved getting to know a wider range of people across campus.



Since coming to college, I have definitely listened to more and more music. Some of my favorite artists are Jack Johnson, John Mayer, and Colbie Caillat. Check out my feel good playlist on Spotify for some artists that radiate good vibes.


Four Floors Up

And of course, how could I forget about this platform, four floors up! I never imagined that I would enjoy blogging when I first created this blog as part of my Communications class in the fall. Not to mention I never thought that people would be interested enough to read what I have to say! I am so thankful for this blog and my readers – thank you 🙂


If you are feeling in need of some inspiration, check out some of my favorite inspo quotes taken from Pinterest. For even more, head to my inspire to be Pinterest board.


your worth is far beyond what you know.

bad days build better days

it's a beautiful day to start.

esteemed, valued, set apart, chosen, pursued, loved.


Hope you all enjoyed this post and have an amazing weekend!




P.S. – If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out my feature on Her Campus SJU

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unique ways to get involved on campus

Hello from four floors up & happy Friday!


cover photo with unique ways to get involved on campus text


I hope that you enjoyed my last post – how to spend your snow day! Make sure to check it out for some awesome winter inspired activities.


Second semester has been filled with so many surprises and new experiences. I cannot believe that I am close to being done my freshman year of college! Time flies…


Today’s post is going to be a bit of advice mixed with some personal stories and experiences. My main theme for this post is focused on finding unique ways to get involved on campus. Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about how I have gotten involved on campus at St. Joe’s!


Love Your Melon

First, Love Your Melon. If you have not heard of LYM, head over to their site and check out their amazing mission and story. Created by two college students, LYM donates half of their proceeds to pediatric cancer research. They have awesome knit beanies, caps, and apparel, so I highly suggest checking them out and supporting their cause! I have about 4 beanies and still looking to buy a 5th, so you could say that I am obsessed.


LYM cap


One of the amazing aspects of LYM is the opportunity to get involved with their Campus Crews. If you are in college, do some research and see if your campus has a LYM crew. If not, consider creating a LYM crew at your campus! Once involved, you have the opportunity to promote LYM on your campus and collect points online. Essentially, when someone makes a purchase from LYM, they have the option to select a campus crew to support. For every purchase made, more points are added to your crew. After reaching 100 points, my SJU LYM crew received a Start-Up Bundle Kit, including LYM stickers and keychains. Visit the site linked for even more information about SJU LYM campus crews.


LYM - three laughing girls


Also, shoutout to Dylan Eddinger for taking these awesome photos of my friends and me for the LYM crew on our campus. We had so much fun taking these photos to promote LYM on National Love Your Melon day during the fall.


Getting Crafty

This next one isn’t so much a club as it is simply learning how to promote yourself and sell your product! College is the perfect place to sell products if you enjoy crafting or creating something special. For me, I love creating beaded bracelets and considered selling them during high school. Now, I am really interested in selling my bracelets and received such positive feedback after posting about it on my Instagram.


I will definitely be dedicating a post to the promotion of my beaded bracelets in the future, so make sure to check back for that! I recently created a madauerbeads Instagram account where I will be keeping followers up to date on new designs and sales of my creations.


bracelets on wrist


A huge inspiration to me in this area of craftiness is my RA, Greta. She recently started selling her hand-knit beanies. Visit my last post for more info on Greta’s awesome beanies! There is something special about creating a one of a kind product and then seeing others wear it with pride.


laughing girl from behind looking back


On-Campus Newspaper

This semester I decided to get involved with The Hawk, the on campus newspaper at SJU. As Assistant Social Media Manager, I update the various social media platforms with feature stories.


If you enjoy editing, writing, or promoting various stories related to school events, consider joining the newspaper team on your campus! As social media manager, I have already gained immense experience promoting stories and live-tweeting events. If I was not on the newspaper, I would have never had these experiences.


Sports Photography

As part of my position on the Hawk newspaper, I have had the opportunity to shoot at the basketball games. This has by far been one of my most favorite and memorable experiences at SJU.


There is something so exhilarating about shooting among other professional photographers in a packed arena. Not to mention sports photography is a whole other realm of photography, requiring a quick eye and precision.


collage of two St. Joe's basketball players


If you enjoy photography and are interested in capturing photos at sporting events, ask around on campus to see what opportunities are available for you to shoot at. Be curious and see what potential events you can get involved in to photograph, whether they be sports, news, or lifestyle events.


basketball player, number 15 from behind


I hope that you were able to take something away from this post! I think it is super important to always be curious and constantly look around your campus. Really think outside the box to consider what is missing at your campus. Think, “how can I make my college experience my own and share my unique qualities and talents with those around me?” Don’t be afraid to create a new club or share your vision with others. ALWAYS BE YOU.





P.S. – I hope you have a fantastic weekend and spread continuous good + positive vibes

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how to spend your snow day

Hello from four floors up & HAPPY FRIDAY!


In spirit of yesterday’s snow day, I am dedicating this post to how I spent my first snow day in college. Since it’s winter and we will (hopefully) be receiving more snow days in the future, I am here to inspire you with some ways that you can spend your day while snowed in.


how to spend your snow day graphic


Movie Marathon

For all of my movie lovers, a snow day is the perfect time to watch all of your old time favs, or binge watch your favorite Netflix series. Get the popcorn and hot chocolate, and make the snow day your personal lazy day to relax.


Spa Day

Along with the movie marathon, creating a personal spa day for yourself is always a great option. If I were to create my own spa day in my dorm, I would be sure to use my Yes to Cucumbers Paper Mask and listen to some soft relaxing music. For some great spa tunes, check out my feel good playlist on Spotify.


Photo Shoot

This next one is what I spent my snow day doing – taking photos! My first snow day at college was one of the best I have ever had, mainly because I didn’t spend it inside doing homework, but rather spent it outside adventuring with friends.


Early in the morning I headed outside with my friends to take some photos around campus. Maggie, Kristen, and I adventured around the school and discovered some awesome spots on campus to shoot.  For some amazing photography, check out Kristen’s photography account on Instagram!


profile of madison


Later in the afternoon, I had the opportunity to shoot with a group of girls on campus to capture some shots of Greta’s handmade knit beanies! Greta is beyond talented and created all of the beanies featured in the photos. She recently started selling her hand-knit beanies as part of her fundraising for her Collegiate Challenge trip this summer. I love sporting my “Mad Grey” beanie around campus and I always receive compliments on it! Greta has an amazing vision and I cannot wait to see where life takes her in the future.


three beanies


beanie collage


Claudia wearing a beanie


My second photo shoot for the day featured my friend, Bailey. We headed outside to take some photos for Love Your Melon, with the main emphasis of the photos focused on the LYM cap. If you have not heard of Love Your Melon, head over to their site and check out their inspiring mission and story. Not to mention they have awesome beanies, caps, and apparel.


Love Your Melon cap



Personally, I love taking advantage of a day off from school and organizing my life. It is so easy for your dorm room to get a little messy, so spending a portion of the day cleaning and organizing your room is a great way to get your life back in order.



Snow days are the perfect time to get your creative vibes flowing and get inspired! From knitting to making bracelets, there are endless ways to get crafty.


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have recently gotten back into creating my beaded bracelets. If you saw my latest post, you also know that I am interested in selling them! I am in the process of getting more beads and supplies very soon, so stay connected to my social media accounts for updates.




I hope you enjoyed this week’s post! As always, stay connected through my social media accounts featured in the side bar. I am so sorry for the delay in posting – I am in the process of creating a more concrete post schedule to stay on top of blogging.


I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Always remember to spread continuous positive + good vibes




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