how to spend your snow day

Hello from four floors up & HAPPY FRIDAY!


In spirit of yesterday’s snow day, I am dedicating this post to how I spent my first snow day in college. Since it’s winter and we will (hopefully) be receiving more snow days in the future, I am here to inspire you with some ways that you can spend your day while snowed in.


how to spend your snow day graphic


Movie Marathon

For all of my movie lovers, a snow day is the perfect time to watch all of your old time favs, or binge watch your favorite Netflix series. Get the popcorn and hot chocolate, and make the snow day your personal lazy day to relax.


Spa Day

Along with the movie marathon, creating a personal spa day for yourself is always a great option. If I were to create my own spa day in my dorm, I would be sure to use my Yes to Cucumbers Paper Mask and listen to some soft relaxing music. For some great spa tunes, check out my feel good playlist on Spotify.


Photo Shoot

This next one is what I spent my snow day doing – taking photos! My first snow day at college was one of the best I have ever had, mainly because I didn’t spend it inside doing homework, but rather spent it outside adventuring with friends.


Early in the morning I headed outside with my friends to take some photos around campus. Maggie, Kristen, and I adventured around the school and discovered some awesome spots on campus to shoot.  For some amazing photography, check out Kristen’s photography account on Instagram!


profile of madison


Later in the afternoon, I had the opportunity to shoot with a group of girls on campus to capture some shots of Greta’s handmade knit beanies! Greta is beyond talented and created all of the beanies featured in the photos. She recently started selling her hand-knit beanies as part of her fundraising for her Collegiate Challenge trip this summer. I love sporting my “Mad Grey” beanie around campus and I always receive compliments on it! Greta has an amazing vision and I cannot wait to see where life takes her in the future.


three beanies


beanie collage


Claudia wearing a beanie


My second photo shoot for the day featured my friend, Bailey. We headed outside to take some photos for Love Your Melon, with the main emphasis of the photos focused on the LYM cap. If you have not heard of Love Your Melon, head over to their site and check out their inspiring mission and story. Not to mention they have awesome beanies, caps, and apparel.


Love Your Melon cap



Personally, I love taking advantage of a day off from school and organizing my life. It is so easy for your dorm room to get a little messy, so spending a portion of the day cleaning and organizing your room is a great way to get your life back in order.



Snow days are the perfect time to get your creative vibes flowing and get inspired! From knitting to making bracelets, there are endless ways to get crafty.


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have recently gotten back into creating my beaded bracelets. If you saw my latest post, you also know that I am interested in selling them! I am in the process of getting more beads and supplies very soon, so stay connected to my social media accounts for updates.




I hope you enjoyed this week’s post! As always, stay connected through my social media accounts featured in the side bar. I am so sorry for the delay in posting – I am in the process of creating a more concrete post schedule to stay on top of blogging.


I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Always remember to spread continuous positive + good vibes




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New Year – Fresh Start

Hello from four floors up!


blogger holding letter board that reads, "new year ... fresh start"


I am so sorry that I have not posted since early December! Finals came and went, and now I am back home in Baltimore, Maryland with my family. I had a very relaxing Christmas and New Year’s surrounded by friends and family & I hope you did too!


The New Year comes with resolutions and goals for the future. As I consider the new year and the beginning of my spring semester at SJU, I look forward to further involving myself in my interests at school, as well as trying new things outside of my comfort zone.


I received several things this Christmas that I look forward to using in the New Year – many of them being new products that I have not yet shared on four floors up! Keep reading to learn more about these products and how they can improve your life in 2017.


Letterfolk Letter board

This gift was such a surprise from my mom – an old fashioned letter board! Handcrafted by a husband and wife in the USA, Letterfolk is run by Johnny and Joanna. Visit Letterfolk to learn more about their amazing mission and to view their product. I received the 10″ x 10″ silver aluminum-framed letter board which includes a 290-piece set of ¾” letters and numbers so that you can customize your board. I am looking forward to decorating my letter board with inspirational words and phrases during the New Year!


Letterfolk letter board


Bullet Journal  

Bullet journals are all the craze this year! If you love to make lists, plan out your week, or establish concrete goals for yourself, consider investing in a bullet journal! After scrolling through images on Pinterest of dedicated bullet journalists and their beautiful creations, I was determined to start a bullet journal. Simply spending 5 minutes at the start of the day documenting in your journal will help you to establish goals for your week and maintain an organized and orderly lifestyle. Visit the official bullet journal site to learn more! I am excited to dedicate more posts in the future to my bullet journal once I begin to make my journal my own and customize it!


bullet journal

bullet journal page


Health and Beauty Products

To maintain healthy and clear skin this year, I am excited to try out these new products! I have always been a fan of the Yes to Cucumbers Paper Masks which you can find at Target or your local drugstore.


various beauty products


Regarding new products, I am excited to say that I am loving the Yes to Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer and the Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel. I love using both of these products after showering, as they leave my skin feeling refreshed. I am very careful and considerate of what products I put on my skin, so I am very pleased that these products have cooperated with my sensitive skin!


I am also looking forward to trying these beauty products in the future…


various beauty products


I hope that you decide to try out some of these products! Please let me know if you try out any of them and what you think of them! Also, let me know what your resolutions are for the New Year, or what you are looking forward to accomplishing in 2017.





P.S. –  shoutout to my mom for helping me take photos for this post! make sure to check out her instagram and pinterest!

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interview time: roommate edition

Hello from four floors up!


The long awaited and highly requested post is finally here – a one of a kind interview with my roommate, Maggie Wallace (aka magwall) !!!


I spent some time asking her a few questions to get her perspective on college life thus far. Keep reading to learn more about how she has been enjoying school. While you’re at it, give her some love on Instagram – @maggiejwallace



What was the biggest adjustment you faced regarding college life?

I think the workload was a lot more than what I imagined it to be. I would suggest completing the assignment the day it is assigned so that the information is still fresh in your head and trying your hardest not to procrastinate!


Where is your favorite place to go on campus?

My favorite place to go on campus would probably be my dorm room because I love how soothing and relaxing our room is.


What is your favorite memory from college thus far?

My favorite memory would be going into the city of Philadelphia for the first time and facing the struggles of transportation. My friends and I (including madauer) wanted to have a hibachi night in Philly, but we ended up getting so lost. The best part of the night was the uber ride back to campus. I highly suggest downloading the uber app for college (it’s an essential for me!)


What is your favorite part about Saint Joe’s?

My favorite part about Saint Joe’s is how welcoming the upperclassmen have been. It was a hard transition at first, but having such positive role models to look up to made the transition so much easier. I also love the location of Saint Joe’s because it is surrounded by countless options of places to go – you can go into the city, Suburban square, or the Manayunk movie theatre, just to name a few.


What is your favorite part about our dorm room?

My favorite part about our dorm room would have to be the lights that we strung on both sides of our beds. We tend to shut the main lights off and use the twinkle lights as our main light source. After a stressful day of class, the twinkle lights create the perfect soothing and calm lighting. It puts everything at ease.


What have you found to be your top college essential?

My top college essential would have to be my Amazon Prime account. In addition to the twinkle lights, the best way for me to destress is to go online shopping. My mom may not like to hear this but I am just being honest. I love coming back to our room, turning on the twinkle lights, and doing some online shopping. My friends told me I had a problem but I finally realized it when the packaging center workers knew my name.


What are you most looking forward to a year from now?

This time next year, I am looking forward to living in an apartment with madauer. I can’t wait to decorate because I have a lot of ideas for our apartment. I hope to make a huge inspiration board across one of our walls where we can pin some of our memories/ photographs of our favorite times at SJU. I also can’t wait to see my friends on the SJU men’s basketball team in March Madness next spring.


That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed this week’s post. As always, be sure to check out my various social media accounts, as well as Maggie’s Instagram.




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counting my blessings

Happy Thanksgiving from four floors up!


I am feeling so very thankful this week for my friends, family, and especially, sleep! There’s nothing better than sleeping in on a weekday morning.


In spirit of Thanksgiving, I am going to be reflecting on some of the things that I am most thankful for in this post. I challenge you to do the same, and continue to count your blessings at the end of each and every day.


thankful and grateful journal


Family & Friends

Catching up with my family and friends was one of the things that I was most excited for and looking forward to during break. I am so thankful and grateful to be able to reconnect with friends and family and share some of my most memorable moments from college.


My Home

I love everything about my house and it is one of the things that I missed most at college. My mom’s décor and aesthetics have definitely influenced my style and vision in design! Even though I have created my own personal space in my dorm room at college, there is something about home that cannot be replicated.

thankful and grateful journal


Familiar Roads, Spaces, & Faces

Similar to my house, I missed the familiarity of my town, Catonsville, and the main roads and hangouts that I used to frequent at. I was so happy to spend a portion of my break at Atwater’s Café, a quaint and comfortable café near my house. I spent the day here with some of my closest high school friends, reflecting on the highs and lows of college life thus far. We all agreed that while we love the new experiences of college, we miss the familiar faces and spaces that we have known throughout our lives in our small town of Catonsville.

atwater's cafe

atwater's cafe soup and bread


Home Cooking

Don’t get me wrong, I love my college dining hall, but nothing compares to my mom’s cooking. This Thanksgiving I am feeling even more grateful for the meal that my mom will be preparing!

selfie with mom

laughing selfie with mom


Car Rides

After not driving for three months, the feeling of driving behind the wheel can be liberating and bring back a sense of freedom. I love driving with my friends, blasting music, and screaming the lyrics to our favorite songs.



With 8ams, this break allowed me to catch up on some much needed sleep. A good night’s sleep is vital for your health and helps you conquer the day. I know that I already feel refreshed from this break and the great sleep that I have gotten over the past few days.


Classic Movies

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is the classic holiday movies that come with the season. I love curling up on the couch with some hot tea and a blanket and watching one of my favorite movies, such as White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, or It’s a Wonderful Life.


Of course I am thankful for many other things, but these are just some of my blessings that I wanted to share with you all. I am feeling especially grateful for one of my mom’s creations – her special granola, yogurt, blueberry, honey, & coconut bowl. I definitely missed this at college.

yogurt, granola, blueberry, honey, and coconut bowl

Let me know in the comments below what you are most thankful for today and every day.




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finding new study spaces

Hello from four floors up…


This week I will be focusing on how to find some new study spaces on campus. Whether you are in search of alone time or a quiet space to study, I will be sharing some of my fav places to go on campus when I am looking for alone time…


finding new study spaces with library backdrop



Conveniently located across campus, Starbucks is one of my favorite places to go. Whether I am in need of some alone time to simply hangout or study, Starbucks has the perfect aesthetics for a relaxing space. With my Strawberry Acai Refresher in hand, I am able to accomplish anything.

starbucks acai refresher and backpack


The library – Find your niche!

I know what you’re thinking, “who wants to go to the library? how boring…” BUT I am here to prove you wrong.

Before coming to Saint Joe’s I never went to the local community library near my house or even the library in my school. However, with late night study sessions and research papers, the library is one of my favorite go-to study spaces.

My advice – get familiar with your library. Go and explore all the various rooms and niches your library has to offer. I bet you will find your favorite space or corner where you get “in the zone” and accomplish anything and everything you set your mind to. For me, I love sitting in a particular area of the library with floor to ceiling windows that overlook Barbelin, one of the prettiest buildings on campus. When I am here, I feel most at home and focused.

view from library overlooking Barbelin

library view of Barbelin


Go Outdoors

This next one will also require a bit of exploration. Some people work best outdoors when they are in touch with nature. If you are one of these people, I suggest exploring the various areas of your school’s campus. Ask yourself, “where do I feel most relaxed & in tune with nature?”

outdoors landscape with bench and trees

Barbelin courtyard

Since it is cooler here in Philly now, I don’t think I will be working outside anytime soon, but once it gets warmer again, there are several places on campus that I am looking forward to spending time at, such as the quaint Villiger garden or the steps outside the library.

bench in villiger garden

steps outside Barbelin


Academic Building Café Spaces

This next space might depend on your school. Here at SJU, we have a small café space in one of our academic buildings with an Einstein Bagels attached. I love working here after my 9:05 morning class with a smoothie and bagel. Try exploring some of your academic buildings to see what small spaces are available for studying.



If your residence hall has quiet study lounges, take advantage of them! I love working in our end-lounge during the day. With huge windows overlooking campus, the bright and inviting lighting of the end-lounge keeps me awake and focused during my most tedious work.

end lounge in Villiger


That’s it for now on study spaces. If you find that you need music while you work, check out my Spotify playlists for some quiet and relaxing background music for studying. Some of my favorite playlists are “feel good” and “bedtime,” featuring amazing artists like Jack Johnson and Colbie Caillat. I promise that “bedtime” will not make you fall asleep while studying!


For more study tips and lifestyle college advice, check out some of my fav newly discovered bloggers – livingnsunshine & the classic brunette.




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