the latest summer project: declutter and simplify

hellooo and happy summer!


Do you ever get the urge to declutter, minimalize, or simply clean out your closet? If so, this post is for you.



I personally love decluttering and throwing out / getting rid of / donating things of mine that I do not want anymore. I absolutely love the feeling of cleaning out my closet or dresser and seeing the empty space that emerges as a result.


With sophomore year done, I returned home with a huge suitcase and trash bags filled with clothing – tops, jeans, shorts, tees…you name it, I have everything (in multiple tones of grey, white and black too.)


I decided that i need to declutter and make way for my staple pieces. Visit Pinterest and you will most likely come across a pin showing you a minimal capsule wardrobe – how to style 30 items for everyday wear


I can’t say that I will be narrowing down my closet to 30 items, but I would love to start somewhere and part ways with many of my things. SO, this led me to the idea to create @madauerthreads, an Instagram page on which I will be selling many of my clothes!



If you know me at all, you know that I love grey, white, black and neutrals. You also might know that I am super particular about my clothing, and I love to keep things super clean – (I carry around a lint roller with me almost everywhere I go!)


If you have a minute, check out my page! I have posted 5 items so far, and depending on how successful it is, I will post more in the coming weeks. I felt as though this would be a super fun summer project for me to explore.


If you have too much in your closet or feel like it is time to declutter, do it! Join me on this summer project of parting ways with some items from your closet to make way for simplicity!


Also, check out this awesome article from the everygirl ­– 7 things you should clean out from your closet


xoxo – madauer

PS…check out my new behance page – featuring my latest design work 🙂

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