welcome 2018 // recap

hello and welcome back to four floors up!

(I truly thought I would never hear those words ugh!)


I honestly have never been more content to sit down and write out a blog post than I am right now. I don’t know about other bloggers, but once I get out of my routine, it is so hard for me to pick back up where I left off and begin again.


With the new year here, (shout out 2018!) I really want to dedicate more of my time to the things that I truly love and enjoy. I don’t know about you, but I find new year’s resolutions pretty daunting and intimidating. I was reassured in my vibe that I get from daunting resolutions after reading some similar words from other bloggers, like @chrissyjpowers on Instagram.


So, I decided to take it day by day and spend my time doing the things that make me truly happy – I realized I really do love taking photos and documenting my life on a platform, like WordPress and Instagram. For a while, I kept telling myself that I need to live in the moment more and put down my camera. But what I realized was that taking photos is something that I truly love, and what I love even more is having photos to look back on so I can relive those memories once the year is over.


ANYWAY, I am so sorry that this blog is a slightly jumbled mess, but I felt the need to do a little recap of where I have been and where I am going in the new year (not physically, but mentally)


In light of loving photos, I wanted to share some recent content with you all from my nyc trip! Two days after Christmas, my family and I went to nyc for a couple days. While it was absolutely freezing, we had the best time exploring all over, spending most of our time exploring the streets of Brooklyn (especially Williamsburg).


So, here is a brief little nyc travel diary…


girl in subway b&w

This is me, actually freezing my butt off on the subway. It was so cold that the subway was one of the ways that I found myself warming up before going back out into the cold. Also, shout out to my brother for being able to navigate the nyc subway system.


bean boots

Would it be a madauer trip without a font inspired pic featuring my feet?


egg store front

Okay, so this was my first time eating at egg, and oh my goodness! SO good. Like, so simple but so good. My mom and I split a plate of eggs, home fries, bacon, and a biscuit and it was the best brunch I have ever had. The pancakes were also delicious and the vibe of the whole place was so on point. If you are ever in Williamsburg, this is a must stop.


graphic brick wall

This was a cool wall that we found while walking around in Brooklyn…wish it had more meaning but it was just very photogenic and needed a photo.


ochre store front

Of course it wasn’t a proper nyc trip without shopping in SoHo! SoHo is always one of my favorite areas to explore – there is so much shopping and I just find it so fun to go into stores that you have never even heard of before, even if it’s just to look around and window shop. Some of my top SoHo stops are always…


girl taking photo in snow


Even though it was so freezing cold, it was awesome to see the city in the snow. We had so much fun walking around Williamsburg and snapping some photos of the neighborhood all covered in white.


building b&w

I always love taking photos of the cool buildings and street art in nyc…


come freely...

I’d say this is some perfect new year inspiration 🙂


Even though I don’t have photos from these stores, here are some of my must see Williamsburg stops…


I can’t wait to go back and keep exploring Williamsburg. It truly was such a cool area with tons of shops yet to be discovered. If you love thrifting and finding amazing deals, you should definitely check out Beacon’s Closet.

Let me know in the comments below if you have been to any of these places or what your fav stops are when you head into the city!

As always, follow along with me on the daily through my instagram – @madauer (it’s also linked in the sidebar)



ps ~ stay tuned for more new content in the coming weeks & let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see on the blog!

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New Year – Fresh Start

Hello from four floors up!


blogger holding letter board that reads, "new year ... fresh start"


I am so sorry that I have not posted since early December! Finals came and went, and now I am back home in Baltimore, Maryland with my family. I had a very relaxing Christmas and New Year’s surrounded by friends and family & I hope you did too!


The New Year comes with resolutions and goals for the future. As I consider the new year and the beginning of my spring semester at SJU, I look forward to further involving myself in my interests at school, as well as trying new things outside of my comfort zone.


I received several things this Christmas that I look forward to using in the New Year – many of them being new products that I have not yet shared on four floors up! Keep reading to learn more about these products and how they can improve your life in 2017.


Letterfolk Letter board

This gift was such a surprise from my mom – an old fashioned letter board! Handcrafted by a husband and wife in the USA, Letterfolk is run by Johnny and Joanna. Visit Letterfolk to learn more about their amazing mission and to view their product. I received the 10″ x 10″ silver aluminum-framed letter board which includes a 290-piece set of ¾” letters and numbers so that you can customize your board. I am looking forward to decorating my letter board with inspirational words and phrases during the New Year!


Letterfolk letter board


Bullet Journal  

Bullet journals are all the craze this year! If you love to make lists, plan out your week, or establish concrete goals for yourself, consider investing in a bullet journal! After scrolling through images on Pinterest of dedicated bullet journalists and their beautiful creations, I was determined to start a bullet journal. Simply spending 5 minutes at the start of the day documenting in your journal will help you to establish goals for your week and maintain an organized and orderly lifestyle. Visit the official bullet journal site to learn more! I am excited to dedicate more posts in the future to my bullet journal once I begin to make my journal my own and customize it!


bullet journal

bullet journal page


Health and Beauty Products

To maintain healthy and clear skin this year, I am excited to try out these new products! I have always been a fan of the Yes to Cucumbers Paper Masks which you can find at Target or your local drugstore.


various beauty products


Regarding new products, I am excited to say that I am loving the Yes to Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer and the Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel. I love using both of these products after showering, as they leave my skin feeling refreshed. I am very careful and considerate of what products I put on my skin, so I am very pleased that these products have cooperated with my sensitive skin!


I am also looking forward to trying these beauty products in the future…


various beauty products


I hope that you decide to try out some of these products! Please let me know if you try out any of them and what you think of them! Also, let me know what your resolutions are for the New Year, or what you are looking forward to accomplishing in 2017.





P.S. –  shoutout to my mom for helping me take photos for this post! make sure to check out her instagram and pinterest!

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