the latest summer project: declutter and simplify

hellooo and happy summer!


Do you ever get the urge to declutter, minimalize, or simply clean out your closet? If so, this post is for you.



I personally love decluttering and throwing out / getting rid of / donating things of mine that I do not want anymore. I absolutely love the feeling of cleaning out my closet or dresser and seeing the empty space that emerges as a result.


With sophomore year done, I returned home with a huge suitcase and trash bags filled with clothing – tops, jeans, shorts, tees…you name it, I have everything (in multiple tones of grey, white and black too.)


I decided that i need to declutter and make way for my staple pieces. Visit Pinterest and you will most likely come across a pin showing you a minimal capsule wardrobe – how to style 30 items for everyday wear


I can’t say that I will be narrowing down my closet to 30 items, but I would love to start somewhere and part ways with many of my things. SO, this led me to the idea to create @madauerthreads, an Instagram page on which I will be selling many of my clothes!



If you know me at all, you know that I love grey, white, black and neutrals. You also might know that I am super particular about my clothing, and I love to keep things super clean – (I carry around a lint roller with me almost everywhere I go!)


If you have a minute, check out my page! I have posted 5 items so far, and depending on how successful it is, I will post more in the coming weeks. I felt as though this would be a super fun summer project for me to explore.


If you have too much in your closet or feel like it is time to declutter, do it! Join me on this summer project of parting ways with some items from your closet to make way for simplicity!


Also, check out this awesome article from the everygirl ­– 7 things you should clean out from your closet


xoxo – madauer

PS…check out my new behance page – featuring my latest design work 🙂

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what’s in my backpack

Hello from four floors up! This week, I will be getting into more of the organizational aspect of college / study life and share what is in my backpack!

Of course, you don’t need to go out and purchase any of these items, but the following products are some of my favs for college life that I can’t imagine living without!



Herschel backpack

First, the backpack itself. I bought this particular backpack before leaving for college. It is the Nylon Herschel Heritage backpack in navy blue. I picked it because Nylon is durable in wet weather, and I loved the inside design of the bag. Although this backpack is no longer available on Herschel’s website, I love all of their backpacks, especially their line of Heritage backpacks. They have many different colors and styles to choose from, but one of my current favorites is their Navy Canvas/ Black Leather Heritage backpack.



Laptop grey felt case

This product is one that I often receive questions about. To protect my laptop while I am on the go, I use this grey felt case from Etsy! I was searching for a durable grey pouch for my laptop and was so excited to find this one from FeltBagWorld. It is great quality and even came with a grey felt mouse pad and cord holder / organizer. I am so happy with this purchase and highly recommend it if you are looking for a durable and stylish laptop case! (BONUS: It comes in 21 different colors!)




To keep track of deadlines and important meetings / events, a planner is a must-have for me! I would definitely lose track of life’s important dates without my planner. I bought this one from Marshall’s during the summer before leaving for college. Unfortunately, I cannot find it anywhere online, but it is made by MOLLY & REX. Marshall’s often carries their line of notebooks and planners, as well as many other adorable and affordable desk supplies!



Beats/ headphones

As a part of purchasing my laptop for college, I received a pair of complementary beats headphones from apple! These are great for listening to music or blocking out the background noise while studying. I chose the silver & white color combination, but they have many other color selections to choose from. Of course, the apple earbuds also do the trick, which I always carry in my backpack!



S’well bottle

A very popular item, the S’well water bottle, also resides in my backpack throughout the school week. I have two of the 9 oz. bottles from the Stone Collection, one in the color “smokey quartz” and the other in “onyx.” I love the rough stone-like texture of the bottle and its ability to keep beverages hot or cold throughout the school day!



Laptop charger/ iPhone charger

I discovered these two items to be essentials, especially when spending hours in the library! Nothing is worse than having your phone or laptop die during critical study time, so always make sure to have a charger with you.


On-the-go emergency medical bag

In case of any sudden headaches, cough attacks, or allergy issues, I always have headache pills, cough drops, eye drops, and other miscellaneous meds with me. There is nothing worse than having a minor-medical emergency while out and about, so I carry this small med bag with me, just in case. A similar mindset led to the making of the Pinch Minimergency Kit, which comes with some medical essentials all held in a compact and adorable pouch.


Pencil case

To hold all of my various markers, highlighters, and pencils, I invested in a pencil case. I bought this one from a small bookstore in NYC, but any craft store or office supply store has various pencil pouches to choose from. I love this grey Herschel pencil case from asos.



That’s all for now! Let me know what your backpack essentials are in the comments below.



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