hi – i'm madison!
i am so happy you're here.

I believe in the power of creativity and writing in order to communicate with others and share my story. My underlying passion for simplicity, social media, and photography drives my vision for forward-thinking and artistic creation, a powerful duo for today's digital era.

my resume

Black and white photograph of a 
        young girl in her 20s sitting on the beach, laughing and looking directly at 
        the camera. The beach and ocean can be seen in the distance behind her.


My name is Madison Auer. I am a 21 year old creative from Catonsville, Maryland. I study in Philadelphia by school year, as I pursue my passion for Communication Studies and Art at Saint Joseph's University. Through my love for photography (both film and digital), lifestyle blogging, and writing, I have created and maintained my personal blog since the fall of 2016.

I love creating and channel this passion into my beaded bracelet business, madauer beads. My beads tie together my love for creativity, the beach and the ocean. I sell my beads in a handful of local shops along the east coast, as well as through my Instagram. I hope that my beads add a touch of happiness, creativity, or relaxation to those they meet.